Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pyrat Rum: The Patron of Rum?

  After trying Kraken last week I was at a loss how to follow it up. I was tempted by a few different drinks this week and ultimately decided to stick to my plan to explore the world of Rum. When I approached the rum shelf I was greeted with many different bottles and types of rum. What made me decide to try Pyrat? Quite simply the medallion. It features an imprint of a Buddha-like character named Hoti who is apparently the Zen patron saint and protector of fortune tellers and bartenders. (I am pretty sure this is actually Hotei the Buddhist god of contentment and happiness) Kind of an odd character for a Caribbean Rum but whatever. 

 Upon further inspection I discovered that the rum is actually imported by the Patron companies more famous for their line of overpriced tequila. It comes bottled in a very similar style bottle with a quark cap and slight imperfections in the glass that add that rustic feel to it. Each bottle is hand bottled and numbered. I have bottle #1644313 that was bottled by someone with the initials KP. So to whomever KP is. Thank you kind sir.

 Pyrat is a blend of several rums from around the Caribbean. What little research I did uncovered that it's blended and aged on the small island of Anguilla. However my bottle indicates that It was bottled in Guyana. The rum is aged for roughly 15 years in french and american oak barrels giving it a nice color and added oak flavor. 

 When I first opened the bottle and took a sniff of the contents I was slightly overwhelmed. This is by no means the best smelling rum that I have ever seen. It's got a very orange peel/earthy aroma but as someone who has been more of a whiskey/scotch drinker this was really not too off-putting. In a lot of ways this reminds me of a good scotch. Its texturally thin with a fairly strong alcohol presence. Its flavorful with a strong nose. Pyrat rum features a slightly sweet orange profile with undertones of vanilla and oak. 

 Compared to what other rums I have tried this one is by far the best sipping rum. It is very rich and flavorful alone or on the rocks. That's not to say that mixing it with coke is out of the question. I found that when mixed with coke it was refreshing and not terrible but its not the best rum and coke I have had either. I absolutely think that sipping is the best way to go with this one. 

 Pyrat weights in at 80 proof and is not near as strong as Kraken, Sailor Jerry, or Blackheart. The bottle I purchased was around $22 for750ml.

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